Car maintenance is important throughout the year, and summer is no exception.

Car maintenance is important throughout the year, and summer is no exception. After all, it’s the season for road trips, but even if you’re not taking a summer vacation in your vehicle, car maintenance still matters. Summer heat can do a number on your car.

Summer Car Maintenance in Langley and Aldergrove.

Start with car maintenance before summer hits. You want to be certain that your air conditioning system is up to the task, when you need it most, so part of your car maintenance routine should be checking system performance. The AC system in most modern cars is pretty complex, so it’s probably best to have a professional check it out.

Another car maintenance tip for summer is to check on the health of your battery. The hot days can cause an accelerated failure in your car’s battery, and this can shorten the length of its life. Come by and see us and we can test your battery on the spot, while you wait.

While the AC keeps you cool, your car’s cooling system keeps the engine cool. It’s a complicated system of antifreeze, pumps, fans and other components that all work together to keep your car from blowing its top on hot days. Lots of things can go haywire, from a radiator leak to a fan that stops blowing, so get the cooling system checked out by a pro as part of your car maintenance.

A further car maintenance tip that will keep your car on the road is a tire inspection. Fluctuating temperatures can cause tire pressure to fluctuate. Keep tabs on tire pressure by using a hand pressure gauge and check the pressure when cold, before you drive, correct pressure can be found on the drivers door jamb. Also, make sure that your tires have adequate tread. Replace them now, if necessary, before the heat of summer arrives. Last of all, check the age of the tires, every tire has the age stamped on it, and we can decipher the code to tell you when they were made. Consider replacing any tire over ten years old. Come by and see us if you would like to know how old your tires are.

Performing some routine car maintenance will keep your summer adventures on a roll this year. Get started now so you can make the most out of the season.

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